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Start an Audio Club

Eight’s Campus Jockey program is an exciting way to showcase your talent, network and manage events with the popular influencers in your college.

This is not your average Student ambassador program!

Campus Jockey’s will get face time with the inhouse content creators and a chance to work closely with the founding team. Opportunity also comes with a chance to convert this to a full time role at Eight.

The Characteristics

Who can be a Campus Jockey?

Creator at Heart

You are an experienced content creator yourself be it visual or audio.

Outgoing Personality

You are highly approachable and don’t shy away from networking.

Social Media Whiz

You like to engage with your followers on social media and love to build your personal brand.

The Execution Fella

You understand your listeners, and think strategically to give your audience what they want.

Selected campus jockey would be the President of the Audio Club of their campus.


curate shows

Curate Shows

Run your own station on Eight app and go live regularly with engaging content. Showcase your talent and become popular while building your own brand.

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Be creative and come up with novel communication channels to get the word out.

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Design audio fests and events for content creators to showcase their talent. Organising events is a great opportunity to learn how to handle a team and on-ground logistics.

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Form a community and be the SPOC for the content creators in your college. Represent them and play a part in their growth as a Mobile Jockey.

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Run the campus outreach program, be the centre for communication of all marketing activities. Collect valuable feedback from the students and help the community grow.

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Have fun and learn!

Being a campus jockey will not only push you professionally, but will also provide hands-on experience of running a community! This program offers the opportunity to maximize your strengths and develop creative skills while building relationships for your future career - maybe even at Eight.


Are you ready to take up the challenge, we want to hear from you.

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