Eight/Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Last Update Date: August 23, 2021

Hi there! Eight is currently in beta and we’re learning a lot each day. As we open up to a broader audience, we expect this document to evolve. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

Vision behind Eight

Eight is a platform for decentralized live audio broadcasting or simply put an “Interactive Social Radio”. The Platform enables anyone to become a broadcaster by creating their own station and lets them invite and engage with audiences through chat and other tools. The possibilities with Eight are endless – become a virtual DJ by streaming your original music or select music from our list of onboarded artists, voice out opinions, become a podcaster, or just simply gossip. Eight enables lesser-known artists to gain followership or virality through inherent network effect in play.

Any user of Eight should keep in mind the following key principles:

  • Be Yourself: Use your authentic names, don’t impersonate any other person/brand/entity.
  • Be Respectful:  Respect each and every person on the platform. Don’t abuse or humiliate.
  • Be Inclusive: Welcome diverse people and perspectives. Do not discriminate over gender, identity, caste, tribe, religion, values, race or ethnicity (This is not exhaustive). Any type of discrimination is a violation.
  • No Copyright Infringement: Do not violate any intellectual property or other proprietary rights.

Please note that these key principles are high-level guidelines only. If you are interested in knowing what can get you kicked off from Eight, read the complete instructions below:


Shows on Eight takes place in “Stations”. There will be Station Owners and Listeners. Below are some of the best practices and capabilities for each role.

Station Owner

By default, the person who starts the station is a station owner and so is the first person to join the station. Everyone else joins in the audience as a listener and must be invited up if they wish to speak as a Guest Speaker. Station Owner can:

  • Speak their heart out and engage with the listeners.
  • Play music and audio SFX from Eight Inventory.
  • Upload their original audio content and play it to entertain listeners (One might ask what will happen to the uploaded original audio content? Don’t worry, uploaded content will not be saved anywhere. It will be vanished once the station goes offline.)
  • Chat with the listeners
  • Pin a message or any link to their original work/social media.
  • Pass the mic to any of the listeners as a guest speaker.
  • Invite listener as a guest speaker, can converse with the station owner expanding the breadth and depth of conversation and diversity in voices as well as opinions.
  • Direct Message to any of the listeners or guest speakers. Do not harass or violate any community guidelines in Direct Message.


When you tap to join a station, you enter the audience. This means you are a listener!

As a listener on Eight, you should relax and enjoy the show. In other words:

  • You can chat with other listeners or station owner.
  • Raise your hand to get invited on the stage as a guest speaker.
  • Direct Message a friend or any person tuned in the station. Do not harass or violate any community guidelines in Direct Message.
  • Discover new people and other stations while you are listening; tap around and learn more about the people tuned in. It’s a good way to explore.
  • Enjoy multitasking: Don’t worry about splitting attention between Eight and work, hobbies, chores, or any other task. People engage in other things while are on Eight. The platform is designed to entertain you while being in the background.
  • Come and leave the station at your will. You can join or leave as you please without offending anyone, you won’t set off any alerts when you leave.


When you use Eight, you agree to follow the below-mentioned rules. You also agree not to encourage others to violate the rules.

  • You must use a real name or identity on the platform. You can use any alias name but it should not be abusive, misleading or offending to anyone.
  • You may not engage in abuse, bullying, or harassment of any person or groups of people in any form.
  • You may not discriminate against, engage in hateful conduct directed at, or threaten violence or harm against any person or groups of people.
  • You may not share, threaten to share, or incentivize the sharing of other people’s private information without their prior permission.
  • You may not engage in intentionally disruptive activity that negatively affects the experience of other users.
  • You may not transcribe, record, or otherwise reproduce and/or share information obtained in Eight without prior permission.
  • You may not engage in any conversations or upload any content that violates any intellectual property or other proprietary rights.
  • You may not spread false information or spam, or artificially amplify or suppress information.
  • You may not share or promote information (or synthetic or manipulated media) that is intended or likely to cause harm to any person or groups of people, including minors.
  • You may not use the platform for the purpose of conducting any unauthorized or illegal activities.


If someone has not violated any of the community guidelines, but you would still prefer not to interact with them, you can unfollow their user profile as well as their stations on the platform.

Incident Reporting

We depend on the vigilance of each user and the community to report violations of community guidelines. If you believe a user has violated any of the guidelines, you can report that incident via the report button on the platform or can directly mail us at stream@eight.network.

Note: Inappropriate use of the incident reporting system or intentional, false reports are against our rules and are taken seriously. We will take action as mentioned in our “Terms and conditions” and “Privacy Policy“.

If you believe your account was falsely reported, you can contact us by writing to stream@eight.network.

Contact us

We take these Community Guidelines seriously and ask that you follow them in the spirit in which they are intended. We further recognize that these guidelines must continually evolve, so please do contact us with questions, suggestions, or comments at stream@eight.network.

Thank you.

Team Eight